University Ombuds
Carruth O'Leary Rm 36

Dr. D. A. Graham has more than 20 years of experience as a Master Facilitator and Mediator in the resolution of complaints, appeals and internal grievance processes for employee/employer issues. He has worked to resolve issues between parties through various types of mediation and communication processes. He has designed and taught numerous courses and workshops on communication, conflict engagement skills, diversity and accountability at multiple universities, corporate and nonprofit organizations.

Associate Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Faculty Ombuds
Carruth O'Leary Rm 34

Dr. Maria E. Orive has served as KU’s Faculty Ombuds for the past 10 years, serving the university community of students, staff, and faculty. She has received training in conflict resolution and ombuds best practices through the International Ombudsman Association, and regularly presents workshops and facilitates discussions on difficult conversations, ethical issues in academia, and diversity issues.